Black Friday deal for writers


Hello, my journalist friends and all others who embrace the writing life,
For Black Friday, my latest book, 33 Ways Not To Screw Up Your Journalism. is just $2.99 for the Amazon Kindle edition. That’s 40 percent off the regular $4.99 price. The offer is good through Friday. 


Buy now!

The book is a succinct, authoritative and encouraging handbook that Dan Rather called “excellent for journalists of all ages and experience.” It features 33 tools, techniques and values needed more than ever in our fractured and fact-tossed democracy. They include:

  • treating sources with respect
  • being aware of your biases
  • plagiarism
  • fabrication 
  • ethical decision-making 
  • not letting fear stop you
  • combatting writer’s block 
  • step-by-step guides to the writing process, interviewing, and revision

Happy Thanksgiving!

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