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Because you’re a subscriber to Chip’s Writing Lessons, I wanted to give you advance notice that on Thursday, June 16, the ebook edition of my new book, 33 Ways Not To Screw Up Your Journalism, will be free for the first two days of publication. 

For the following three days, the price will be 99 cents. Then it returns to the regular sales price of $4.99, which is what it costs to pre-order before Thursday. (The paperback is $12.99.)

I’m doing this to get it quickly in the hands of as many readers as I can. I believe this succinct, authoritative handbook is a survival manual that’s needed by journalists and students, whatever their age, job, or level of experience, now more than ever in our democracy. 

Please feel free to share the link— — with your friends and colleagues. 

Your opinion counts. Love or hate it, leave a review on Amazon, please.

Many thanks. Chip

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