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Personal/Professional News: I’ve got a new book coming out, “33 Ways Not To Screw Up Your Journalism,” as soon as next month. As I prepare for the launch, I’m trying to build up my list of followers and influencers who would be willing to help me promote it.

To attract them, I’m offering two things: 

1. a free PDF copy of my most recent book, “Writers on Writing,” a collection of interviews with leading journalists and nonfiction authors with a smattering of fiction writers and poets

.2. A sample chapter from the new book.

In exchange, all I’d like you to do is follow me on Twitter @chipscanlan, and retweet this message. If you’re interested in writing tips from the likes of @susanorlean, @DanBarryNYT, @LaneDeGregory, @JohnBranchNYT @BronwenDickey @bmarimow65 @thallmanjr

and are interested in this offer, just email me at with the subject line “33 Ways”

I hope my friends @StevePadilla2 @RoyPeterClark @KimhCross @Karen_E_Bender @IUMediaScotProf @janwinburnCNN  & my other followers will also spread the word with a retweet

This is the reality of book publishing today. Even with a  publisher–mine is @networlding, a boutique firm for indie authors–the author must shoulder the burden of marketing, a lesson I learned from @AnneJanzer Many thanks and I hope you can join my “buzz team.” Chip

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